Welcome to Indlovukazi Beauty Care

Indlovukazi Beauty Care product line is a natural plant-based beauty care range. Our oils and butters are all 100% natural. The main ingredient in our beauty range is raw unrefined shea butter sourced from Ghana by hard-working women in the Northern region of Ghana. We are proud to be contributors to women upliftment and poverty alleviation in this region of Africa. We pay for our raw butters and oils in line with Fairtrade agreements in order to prevent exploitation of women.

Shea butter is Mother Nature’s best kept secrete. It is an excellent vitamin-rich emollient great for keeping skin healthy, keeping hair strong & glowing.Our product range also boasts other natural raw materials that are excellent for radiant skin & strong hair. These include, but not limited to, unrefined Ghanaian cocoa butter, baobab oil, moringa oil, hibiscus, neem oil & a variety of essential oils. We pride ourselves in the end-result of our carefully handcrafted natural products.